Smokehouse was born out of necessity but evolved into a beloved concept, a real wood barbecue joint inspired by off-the-beaten-path places from around the world. The nostalgia the food inspired in diners and the comfort it conveyed, lingered and resonated far beyond its initial intent
The true origin of barbecue is one that will probably never be solved and every culture around the world has made a significant contribution to what we now call “barbecue.” In this particular version at Saison Smokehouse, the food is innovative yet heartwarming and designed to share. The table becomes filled with various meats and sides, condiments and pickles, all meant to be enjoyed in great company.
Robb Report noted that Saison and Angler’s Michelin-starred pedigrees created a unique experience in Smokehouse and Thrillist named it the Best SF Barbecue for pickup & delivery in 2021.